Examination Fee
 Purchase   Upper Court Search
 Purchase Amount   Municipal Searches
 Mortgage Amount   ALTA 8.1 Endorsement
  ALTA 9 Endorsement

  ALTA 1 Endorsement
 Refinance   Closing Protection Letter
 Mortgage Amount   Notice of Settlement
 Existing Mortgage   Non Survey Endorsement
  Sec. Mtg. Mkt. Endorsement
  Closing Fees    
 Closing Fee (Out of Office)   add     $350.00     
 Closing Fee (In Office)   add             $325.00     
  • These calculations are estimates only and should not be used without getting a firm quote from CTA TITLE AGENCY, LLC.
  • All insurance rates and search fees are regulated by the New Jersey State Insurance and Banking Department
  • All information is believed to be accurate but not guaranteed.